How to fix iPad IMAP error "unable to move message to trash"

iphone unable to move message

Unable to Move Message: The message could not be moved to the mailbox.

This only happens if you are using IMAP servers for your email and isn’t an issue for POP mailboxes.

Are you a hotmail, or user?

This fix does not work for hotmail,, or because Microsoft does not use IMAP, it uses Exchange Active Link (EAS).

To fix this error you can either:

This IMAP fix will work if you use Microsoft Exchange services such as Office365.


How-to fix this error

1. Press the Home button on your iPad and choose Settings.

iphone settings

2. Scroll down and click “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” from the list.

iphone mail contacts calendars

3. Click your email account – it should have an arrow to the right of the email address displayed.

4. Scroll to the end on the settings and click Advanced.

iphone mail advanced

Can’t see the Advanced button?

Some visitors have reported that they do not see the Advanced button. If this happens to you then you have to delete your IMAP email account and add it again manually. Follow these instructions to add your email account to your iPhone manually. This will then let you see the Advanced button.

5. Scroll down and tap the empty IMAP Path Prefix.

iphone imap prefix

6. Enter INBOX in capitals, then click ‘Accounts’ at the top left and click ‘Done’ at the top right twice to close the settings.

Can’t see the IMAP path prefix?

Some visitors have reported that they do not see the IMAP prefix. If this happens to you then you have to delete your IMAP email account and add it again manually. Follow these instructions to add your email account to your iPhone manually. This will then let you see the Advanced button.

iphone imap prefix fixed

7. Press the Home button and then re-open Mail.

8. You will now be able to delete or move your emails on your iPad without the error message appearing!

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  • martin

    Thank you. Worked a treat for me.

  • martin

    Thank you. Worked a treat for me.

  • Charles

    It worked but you must do exactly as he says…1…2…3 or it won’t work. Close out exactly as he says

  • Charles

    It worked but you must do exactly as he says…1…2…3 or it won’t work. Close out exactly as he says

  • Canbush

    Excellent. At least one of life’s irritations removed.

  • Canbush

    Excellent. At least one of life’s irritations removed.

  • angel


  • angel


  • Keri

    Solved it first time, it’s been bugging me for ages. Thank you

  • janet

    Thanks. This helped me solve my problem

  • Hector

    Brilliant tip! Just helped my aunt fix her iPAD issue with mail that cannot be deleted. She is ever so thankful!

  • Jonathan


  • Lin

    We keep trying to delete an email onour iPad3 sent from a Samsung phone. It disappears, then a few seconds later it comes back with the message, ‘Unable to move message’ and ‘The messgae could not be moved to the mailbox Trash’. All other emails can be deleted without a problem.

  • Christine

    Excellent tip on how to stop getting an error message on my iPad. Really clear instructions and very easy to follow. Thank you! I have added your site to my Favourites as I expect to be consulting you again soon. :-)

  • Sherry S.

    Wow. Thank you so much for the quick fix. Perfect. Followed your detailed instructions and worked perfectly the first time. Thanks again.

  • david

    Brilliant! Why can’t Apple post this up on their forums, or better yet, fix their system properly in the first place so people like you and everyone else don’t have to waste their time doing Apple’s thinking for them? Apple, you’re getting slack, and the difference between you and Microsoft is getting smaller every year, which means that unless you go back to making things properly before you release them you’ll eventually go out of business because you’ll be just as bad as Microsoft and there will be no reason for buyers to choose Apple over Microsoft… Business Law 101 I think it’s called… Work it out or go bust.. Thanks Kevin! Maybe you should apply for a job at Apple..

  • Jennifer

    I deleted my email account from ipad and still can’t add the word – Inbox. Is there something else I can do to make this work?

  • Janice Owen

    My son gave me his old iphone4. He had never had this problem but when I tried to delete emails it saud ‘Unable to move to trash.” I have tried what several people suggested on-line, none of them worked.
    I came across your advice for an ipad and it has worked on my phone. Brilliant, thank you so much!

  • Ivan McGowen

    After deleting, the messages keep coming back. Server downloads them again. This latest update is horrible.

    • Lee

      I got the same problem.

  • Sarah

    My mum had had this problem since getting her iPad in May. After trawling the web, your instructions were the only ones that worked. Thanks for very clear instructions and she can delete to her heart’s content now!

  • Steve

    Hi Kevin,

    I’ve been living with this error message for more than a year, and today when I googled the error message, your site was the #1 result. I followed your instructions and it worked like a charm! Thanks for taking the time to post these helpful instructions!


  • Melissa

    Thank you!! I was never so happy to see a trash icon!! And your instructions were very easy to follow!

  • Gene

    Just got a new iPhone 5S and could not figure out why mail messages could not be moved to trash. This solved my problem – thanks!

  • Stuart hemingway


    Trying to fix ‘ unable to move message to trash’
    How can I tell if my email Is ‘Outlook’?

    Stuart Hemingway

  • Transcend Engineering

    Not only did it fix the deletion problem, it also fixed the problem of draft emails not being saved so that one can come back to them to finish and send. Thank you for this tip!

  • Carol

    I had same problem. I set up an iCloud account, move emails I want to delete to the iCloud trash, then in iCloud account, select trash, edit, delete all, delete- bingo all gone. It has taken me a week of playing to find this solution.

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    Worked on the first try – thank you so much!

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    Thank you.
    Didn’t work initially. But on doing a power off and restart, it was fixed.

    Thanks again.

  • Theo

    Fixed the ‘unable to delete emails’ problem first time round. Very clear and accurate instructions. Thank you.

  • Dayton

    With mail on, could not make any entry in IMAP Path Prefix. Had to first turn mail account off before going to Advanced; IMAP Path Prefix and entering INBOX, then closing and turning mail on once more. But it did work this way. Thanks!

  • David Peatfield

    Many thanks,
    Instructions clear and problem resolved first time.

  • Bill

    I have tried the fix several times on my IPad and I continue to get the “cannot move” message. In fact, now when I try to move an email to one of my folders, instead of my list of folders appearing, all I get is an Inbox and Outbox listing.

    Please help, my email server Charter is now blocking my emails because my mailbox is full.

    Frustrated IPad emailer.

  • Cindy

    I followed all instructions and it worked for my iPhone. I’m so happy. Thank you for taking the time to help out us needy tech people.

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    This worked for me. I am currently using iphone 5 on iOS7.

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    Thanks for your very clear instructions. I have now cleared my unwanted emails without a problem.

    Good on you!!!! Manmy thanks.

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    After 4 attempts to execute this cure, nothing at all has changed. Still get the error . Any ideas? IPad 2; yahoo mail.

    • hal

      I had hotmail and Outlook took over. On iPad i can’t scroll my inbox on the pc view because when you attempt to scroll it opens the email you touch trying to scroll. In another view it only shows15 or 20 emails in the inbox with no apparent way to go further back in the inbox to access more or check inbox further.
      Kevin, Please help. ps, I didn’t know how to post a question so I’m trying this through a reply . heck , I’m old please understand..

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    Worked perfectly, thanks so much!

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    Thank you. This was so easy to do and it worked. The folks at the Apple Store didn’t have the answer so I am glad you did. Excellent instructions.

  • Tom McManus

    I followed your instructions on my IPad, but I don’t see an IMAP prefix button.

    What now?

    • Kevin Craighead

      What type of email account do you have?

      • Tom McManus

        I have a and

      • Tom McManus

        I should mention that it seems to work ok using the trash icon while in the junk folder, however I was using the Edit button, selecting all the messages and would then get the error message.

        This is a recent happening in the past month or so, prior to that, no issues, and only on my IPAD

        • Kevin Craighead

          In order to fix the issue with Yahoo you have to delete the account from your iPad then create it again manually ie NOT using the big “Yahoo” button to add the account. When you manually add the account you get to update more settings than you do when you add it using the big buttons for Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

          You will find the instructions on how to add the email account to your iPhone manually here.

          Once you have done this return to this page and go through these instructions again.

          Good luck!

    • Kevin Craighead

      OK I have updated the instructions to take account of this issue. Basically you need to remove the email account from your iPhone and add it back manually. This process is described here

  • B Dylan

    Thank you for easy to follow instructions. It did the job!

  • Joe walker

    How about explaining where the advanced command is!

    • Kevin Craighead

      The Advanced command appears at the very bottom. For eaxample if you are editing a gmail account you should see Name, Email, Password and Description in the top box. Underneath you should see SMTP in the Outgoing Mail server box. At the very bottom you should see ‘Advanced >’. Clicking this option you can change various setting such as SSL, Authentication and the IMAP Path Preference.

      I have checked this out on my Office365 account and when you setup you account using the ‘Microsoft Exchange’ option on the iPhone it doesn’t provide the Advanced button even though it is an IMAP connection. What kind of IMAP account are you trying to fix?

      • Helen robertson

        I get to out going mail server i hit advanced and dont see i map just 3 mail boxes and s/mime

        • Kevin Craighead

          What type of email account do you have?

          • Kevin Craighead

            OK I have updated the instructions to take account of this issue. Basically you need to remove the email account from your iPhone and add it back manually. This process is described here

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    I tried your solution on my iPad but the entry for my mail account does not have an advanced command. Also the problem only shows up on my ipad my iPhone moves messages to trash without complaint.
    Any ideas?

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    When I try these instructions I do not see an advanced button! I must be blind or something because it has worked for all of you?!

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    I’m afraid I’m not a ‘Tweeter’ or a ‘Facebooker’ so I can’t ‘Tweet’ about you or ‘Like’ you (that sounds rude – I don’t dislike you at all) but I can thank you very much for solving this problem for me. I just got myself an ipad mini and didn’t know how to get rid of my old emails so thanks again. If you have some time to think about another problem think about this… although I can receive emails on my ipad and iphone I can’t send emails on either machine. Nobody, including my isp seems to know the correct settings. Any ideas?
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    I was able to delete the elusive emails and get rid of that nasty message.
    Thank you!
    I love your website, just found it tonight, and will pass it along to all my photoshop classmates and my CSS classmates too.

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