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Guides & solutions about unlocking, recovery, and cleanup for iOS, iPadOS, and, Mac plus tips and tricks for iTunes, Finder, and iCloud. Also Tech gadget tips for the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and more…

Our solutions are sourced from reputable websites around the web such as Apple Support and use words, images, and video to show exactly what you need to do. Unlike these websites, the instructions are simplified with easy-to-follow steps guiding you on what to do at each stage of the process.

This approach guarantees results as long as you follow along.

We have found many visitors prefer our articles to those found on the Apple site because they are so easy.

“Very easy with pictures attached to verbal directions. Better than most directions I’ve seen. Thank you so much!”


In-depth guides and best practices on how to remove, unlock and bypass iCloud activation lock. Tips on managing and using the iCloud lock on your iPadOS or iOS device.

Top articles include:

Tutorials and best practices explain how to unlock iPhone so you can use it with different carriers or network providers. Articles on how to remove or recover the iPhone passcode if you forgot it. Guides include:

Popular guides include:

Guides and tips telling you how to use the Mail app on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iPod Touch. Includes tips and solutions to common Mail app problems.

Get started with your Apple device. Learn how to navigate your device and customize your settings. See the latest features and see our favorite tips. Learn how to free up space, fix call errors, or repair general errors messages.

Tutorials on how to transfer, backup, and restore data on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Includes photos, videos, music management, and more.

After visiting several other sites and trying many of their “solutions” which were not solutions at all, I was thrilled to find yours. Your step-by-step instructions were very easy to follow and best of all, it worked! Thank you!


How we help you

troubleshooting iPhone

Our mission is to help you troubleshoot and find solutions for common problems found on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Apple Watch .

Our specialty is explaining complex technical concepts in a simple, easy to understand way. This makes it perfect for a smartphone owner with average, or below average computer skills to understand.

We try not to talk down to you – and do our utmost to explain the background behind issues so you can learn why a problem occurs. This means you get to fix your problem straight away and have enough knowledge to avoid it happening again.

In short, our iPhone troubleshooting & repair tips and guides are designed to make fixing your Apple device easy.

Best of all – they are all completely free!

I spent 2 hours troubleshooting on the Apple forums, 30 minutes at a Genius Bar, countless minutes working with my isp and trying different settings to solve this problem. And then 2 minutes with this article not only solved this problem but also fixed the problem with sent mail not showing up in the sent folder. This is on 4 devices my wife and I own. Thank you. I can’t believe no one else knew this.

Lafe Dutton

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Click the button below to download our FREE iPhone troubleshooting checklist (which also works for iPad & iPod Touch devices too).

This simple to follow checklist explains the steps you should take to try and fix your device. It fixes most generic issues such as:

  • Non-responsive or hung devices
  • Devices that don’t switch on
  • Charging issues
  • Hung Apps
  • Devices that won’t upgrade

Of course, it doesn’t cover everything so if you can’t find the solution to your exact problem then feel free to search for your specific issue using the search bar. Or feel free to browse through our extensive list of common issues.

No signup is required – just click the link and download it!

P.S. If you still can’t find a suitable solution then feel free to contact support and we’ll try to find one for you.

Fabulous instructions. Simple, clear, lucid, well organized. Thank you so much. You might be interested in my book on information design. Yours is excellent.


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With 10+ years of experience with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iPod Touch products and his instance on producing clear, simple instructions he has helped make iChimp one of the most popular Apple support websites online.

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