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Kevin Craighead

Kevin, Tech WriterFor over a decade I have been helping people to fix problems with their mobile devices and computers. I am obsessed with understanding how Mobile Tech products work – especially Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy, or the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Watch.

Apple expertise and qualifications

Due to the popularity of the App Store, I started getting requests to build iPhone apps. This resulted in me getting my first iPhone in 2009 – The iPhone 3GS. This gave me in-depth exposure to the Apple ecosystem so I learned a huge amount about iOS and Apple mobile devices.

This was followed by the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone in 2010 which allowed me to learn about the Android ecosystem.

It is also worth mentioning that I expanded my expertise by becoming an Apple Certified Independent Technician after gaining AppleCare service certifications for both iOS devices and Mac computers.

10 years experience problem-solving mobile tech issues

This website began when I discovered a weird bug in the iPhone’s email App. When I tried to delete a message it said it couldn’t move it to the trash.

Apple couldn’t (or wouldn’t) fix it, and none of the articles I found online worked so I had to find the solution myself. This involved tedious research, trial, and error but my vast technical expertise and in-depth Apple product knowledge helped me solve it.

The simple step-by-step solution I created on how to fix the “Message Could Not Be Moved To Mailbox Trash” error was hugely popular and helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Encouraged by this early success I continued to develop new solutions to age-old problems for phones and tablets.

30 years of hardware and software experience

I’ve been fixing computer hardware and software issues since the early 1990s. Firstly with my IT helpdesk support role for a large multinational before specializing in email systems in the late ’90s. This included designing and installing complex email systems for large multinationals such as Conoco and Budget Rent-a-car.

Network Security qualifications

This in turn led to a study of computer security with me gaining Cisco network security qualifications and co-authoring a US patent in 2005 entitled “Method and apparatus for protecting a remediated computer network from entry of a vulnerable computer system thereinto“.

In the early 2000’s I also began working with early content management systems and network security before starting my own design agency in 2003. Since then I have designed, built, and maintained hundreds of websites for clients – ranging from small one-man bands through to local government portals and multi-nationals.

As a result of my studies, qualifications, and experience I have an in-depth technical knowledge of computers, networks, computer security, the internet, and mobile technology.

You can connect with Kevin on LinkedIn, or Facebook . You can also see his expertise on Google Scholar or check out his profile on Muck Rack.

Email Kevin at: craighead@netchimp.co.uk

How iChimp can help you

If you’ve ever wondered:

“Where can I find the solution to this weird mobile phone problem that I just can’t solve?”, you’re in the right place.

iChimp is where hardened mobile technology experts come for proven tips and advice.

Our effective technical advice is why geeks and nerds from all over the world read this blog and subscribe to our newsletter.

And our results-focused approach and simple step-by-step instructions are why visitors say stuff such as “I’ve been living with this issue for a long time and was about to fling the phone out a window. The Apple “Geniuses” I talked to were not so brilliant…You obviously are. Thanks for sharing!”

Why iChimp?

Most so-called Apple or Android geniuses get their solutions from a cheat sheet provided by their corporate bosses. It only includes fixes that will eventually result in them earning more money from you, such as replacing the battery for a charging issue that may actually be a software bug.

Of course, you could always talk to your GSM network provider. The guys who have 2 hour waits when you call them to ask a simple question. I’m sure you’ve learned the hard way that it can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Worst of all they rarely fix anything.

That is where iChimp comes in.

This blog is where I provide tips and fixes that big business doesn’t want you to know about. The ones that are quick, easy, and often inexpensive.

They range from small tweaks to make your device work faster through to fixes to annoying bugs – so you have the freedom to use your device how you want.

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