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How To Fix Your iPhone Glitch
The Apple iPhone is not perfect. Indeed it suffers from a variety of problems and issues.

Just like the iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch you can suddenly find your iPhone has a hardware or software glitch.

Or you may think you have accidentally changed a setting, or got an on screen message that you don’t know the meaning of.
Types of iPhone problems
Whatever the specific problem, these issues can be broken down into several types:

Accidents, such as dropping, causing physical damage
Forgetting your iPhone passcode or password and getting locked out
Being unable to setup your iPhone due to the iCloud lock
Mail App issues as sending or deleting message
Being unsure how to do things on iPhone due to lack of knowledge
Software glitches in Apps or iOS
And much, much more…

These problems are very common.
What about Apple support?
Apple offer help when it comes to troubleshooting issues of this type. They have their Apple support pages and the community forum.

However I have found that the support pages are confusing and lead you down a rabbit warren. You click link after link trying to figure out what to do without getting a definitive answer.

Solutions may involve tasks from 2 or 3 different pages making it hard to follow.

They also assume a certain level of expertise that may be beyond the average iPhone owner.

Sometimes you just want to ask an expert and find the answer quickly.

This is the concept behind the Apple community forum.

Unfortunately the forum is run by enthusiastic amateurs rather than by Apple staff. This leads to a huge variation in the quality of solutions provided.

Also, the majority of answers given simply reference the support page from the Apple website meaning you don’t get any more detail or in-depth support.

You may also find links to this website too as the quality of solution is very highly regarded.
How are these guides different from Apple support?
Having tried both type of support in the past – and found them lacking – I decide to use my vast experience to do something about it.

I decided to create a website with the mission to ‘provide the best free iPad, iPod, Apple Watch and Phone solutions available’.

I had the following aims:

Easy to use
Simple to follow
Designed for all levels of experience
Includes detailed background notes of why things happen

Unlike the Apple help I wanted each page to be a self contained answer so that a visitor could get all the information needed to solve an issue without jumping from page to page.
Every time Apple upgrades it causes bugs
Apple keeps me very busy.

As soon as one issue is fixed another glitch appears. It seems to be a never ending process of discovery, research and solutions.

And when new software releases do go smoothly Apple introduces a whole bunch of new features that people are unaware of.

Either that or the phone design changes meaning owners have to learn whole new way of doing things – such as when touch ID appeared or when face ID replaced it.
Helping you with your iPhone
Since 2011 we have had over 7 million visitors and thousands of positive comments so I feel we are living up to our mission.

There is always more to do.

So if you have discovered an iPhone glitch but can’t find a solution then fee free to get in touch and I’ll do my best to find a solution.

Otherwise feel free to browse some of the more common issues listed below. You may discover something new.

Author: Kevin Craighead
Our main technical expert and website editor is Kevin Craighead who has 40 years computer experience.
He started playing on games consoles in 1978 with the Adman Granstand 3600 and was hooked. After passing both H.N.D. and S.N.C. qualifications in Computer Data Processing he had a successful career in a variety of computing roles for blue-chip multinationals. This led him to setup his own Web Development agency in 2003.
When the Apple App store was launched in 2008 this resulted in him learning App Development. After getting his first iPhone in 2009 he embarked on the intensive study and support of Apple mobile devices.
With 9 years experience with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch products and his instance on producing clear, simple instructions he has helped make this one of the most popular Apple support website online.

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