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6 iCloud bypass tools that remove Activation Lock

You can unlock the Activation Lock on an Apple device using an iCloud bypass tool.

Dozens of iCloud bypass companies advertised on the web. But which of them should you use?

To answer this question we reviewed as many bypass tools as possible to find out which worked, which were scams, and which was best.

After researching the 40 top-rated tools and removing the poorly regarded ones (the ones that have a 1 star or less rating on review sites), we tried out the top 25.

We then spent more than 100 hours testing all the tools to see how well they performed. We even went as far as to employ the help of members of the iChimp community to get opinions directly from the target market. During the tests, we measured customer service, speed, reliability, cost, and the ability of each unlocker to actually remove the Activation Lock.

Once the reviews were done, we ranked the tools in order to find the best iCloud removal tools. The 6 recommended solutions have been divided into 2 sections – 4 services and 2 tools.

You have to buy the tools reviewed in this article. If you are interested in free methods, see 12 tools to unlock iCloud for free.

iCloud bypass tools


Top rated iCloud bypass services

If you don’t have a computer and want the simplest unlocking method possible then you should try an online iCloud activation lock removal service. You simply provide the IMEI or serial number together with the type of device you want to bypass and they do the rest.

Normally you pay a small deposit, with the remainder of the fee paid to finalize the removal. If you are in a hurry you can normally request a 24-hour turnaround for an additional fee. In some territories, a sales tax is added to the fee.

For more information on how to use the tools, see our in-depth guide on the best iCloud bypass tool.

RankServiceSuccess RateSpeedDepositCost
#1DirectUnlocks High1-3 daysYes$
#2IMEInowHigh3 daysYes$$$



Medium5-7 daysYes$$$
#4AppleiPhoneUnlockLow7 daysYes$$

All of these services successfully managed to unlock the iPhone Activation Lock, although some had a higher success rate than others.

1: DirectUnlocks

Why we like it: With its fast service, good customer support, and high success rate we found this service the best. The money-back-guarantee means you won’t be out of pocket if they can’t manage to bypass the lock on your device. They also can unlock any Apple device including iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac computers.

directunclocks iCloud Activation removal

Above: DirectUnlocks website


If you want to remove the iCloud Activation Lock quickly and easily without having any technical skills, DirectUnlocks is the best solution. You simply fill in the online form on their website and wait for the process to be completed. For a small additional fee, you can get a 24-hour hour turnaround if you want it unlocked quickly. Both the fast-track and standard services worked 100% of the time in our tests.

We also found customer support helpful. Responses came back in under an hour and answered our questions perfectly. They put other services to shame.

Costs were a little cheaper than many other suppliers, although the payment structure made them more expensive than they first appeared. They charge a small deposit, then a finalization fee which we felt was a little disappointing. Being upfront with the price would have been better. Having said that, this payment structure is the norm in this market.

Apart from the minor issue with the payment structure, we found DirectUnlocks excellent and easily the best service.


  • 100% success rate.
  • Good price.
  • Responsive and helpful support.
  • Wide variety of payment methods.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Works on all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac.
  • It’s easy – no equipment, tools, or technical skills are required.


  • Payment is made in 2 stages giving the impression it’s cheaper than it really is.

2: IMEInow

Why we like it: They are a legitimate service with an 80% success rate. They have a good track record and were previously top-rated, although the quality of their service has slipped a little over the last year or so. Any failures are refunded, although the process is complex and time-consuming. On the whole, support is good, although a little slow to respond.

IMEInow website
Above: IMEInow website

When we first started investigating iCloud activation removal services back in 2017 IMEInow was rated the best. But time has moved on and they have dropped behind their competitors.

Firstly, their iCloud activation lock removal rate is the lowest at 80% meaning 1 in 5 devices fail. This isn’t too bad but when coupled with their poor refund policy that makes it awkward to get your money back it hits their rating hard.

It’s a pity as they do the core things right – their website is good, the support is fine, and they can actually unlock most devices.

Costs are also similar to the others too, although the industry-wide 2-tier payment system is used by them too.

It’s just the unreliability and slow and difficult refund policy when an unlock fails that makes them less desirable. It’s a shame as when it works, it works well.


  • 24-hour FastTrack service (for a small fee)
  • 80% success rate
  • Payment using Visa and Mastercard.
  • Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch


  • 20% failure rate.
  • Slow support.
  • Slow to finalize.
  • 2-stage payment method.
  • Didn’t unlock all the devices.
  • Refunds took ages.
  • Some complaints have surfaced online about their quality of service.

3: IMEIdoctor

Why we like it: The ability to get devices unlocked reliably sets this service apart. The range of devices they can handle is impressive too. Customer support was good and the turnaround time was decent, but can be beaten. The cost was OK, but there are cheaper options out there.

IMEIDoctor iCloud activation unlock
Above: IMEIdoctor website

In our extensive testing where readers supplied us with their device details, IMEIdoctor bypassed the iCloud activation lock 100% of the time.

Also, we found their Activation Lock removal was the second fastest with a 3-day turnaround on average.

Costs were a little higher than industry standards and the charging structure, with a deposit and final payment was annoying.

We found them helpful, efficient, and effective, but with their slightly higher fees, they dropped back to the second spot.


  • 100% success rate.
  • Good support.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Works on all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac.
  • No special technical skills or equipment are required.


  • More expensive than competitiors.
  • Payment made in 2 stages giving the impression it’s cheaper than it really is.

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4: AppleiPhoneUnlock

Why we like it: Most of the time, they can bypass the Activation Lock. When they can’t, they offer a refund – although the process is a little clunky and awkward. The website was easy to use but not as good as the highest-rated services. It’s decent value for money, but not as reliable an unlocker as the top-rated services.

AppleiPhoneUnlock website
Above: AppleiPhoneUnlock website

In many ways, AppleiPhoneUnlock and IMEInow were almost identical in terms of success, speed, and cost. Overall, there is very little between them.

Like PhoneIMEI they managed to bypass iCloud on 90% of the devices. They were a little slower though, with a 5-7 day turnaround on completing iCloud activation lock bypasses.

As with the other services listed they use the same annoying 2-stage payment system.

AppleiPhoneUnlock only really begins to fall behind in the quality and ease of use of their website.

They don’t offer a poor service but they are a little behind the higher-rated companies listed.


  • 90% success rate.
  • Adequate support.
  • Payment using Visa and Mastercard.
  • Works on all Apple devices.


  • 10% failure rate.
  • Disingenuous 2-stage payment method.
  • Didn’t unlock all the devices.
  • The refund policy could be better.

Best iCloud unlock tools

A specialized software iCloud bypass tool is one of the best methods of bypassing the activation lock on your Apple device. However, be aware that you need a computer to download, install, and use these software tools. The most popular tools are listed below.

RankToolSuccess RateSupported PlatformFree TrialPrice
#1iBypasserHighMac and WindowsYes$$
#24MeKeyHighMac and WindowsYes$$$

1: iBypasser

Why we like it: With its easy-to-use interface and attractive design this tool is a pleasure to use. The free trial allows you to try out the tool before committing to buy it. If you own a computer and are tech-savvy then you can get your device unlocked in under an hour, making it the fastest method available on the market. The tool works best on a Mac but is compatible with a Windows PC too. It is constantly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest iPadOS and iOS versions.

iBypasser website
Above: iBypasser website

You can bypass iCloud activation lock with iBypasser’s excellent Windows and Mac software tools. It has a slick, easy-to-use interface and works on most Apple devices.

iBypasser offer a free trial so it is worth downloading it and trying it out on your device. If it looks like it will work then you can pay for a license to finalize the bypass and get your device unlocked.

iBypasser uses a simple 3 step process to perform the bypass:

  1. Connect your device to your Mac
  2. Jailbreak the device
  3. Remove iCloud activation lock

I found the support first class so don’t panic if you get lost.

Once unlocked you will be able to use most, but not all, of the functionality. Apps should work but you won’t be able to login to your Apple iCloud account via the device. In addition, cellular functionality will be disabled so you won’t be able to make old-school phone calls.

iCloud bypass instructions for the iBypasser tool

  1. Download and install iBypasser on your computer
  2. Connect your device to your computer using an appropriate cable
    bypass 2
  3. Open the software and click Start to begin.
    bypass 1
  4. The tool will automatically download jailbreak software to your computer.
    bypass 3
  5. Click Next and your device will be jailbroken.
    bypass 5
  6. Confirm your device information and click Start Bypass to begin the bypass process.
    bypass 6
  7. After a few minutes, the software will bypass the Apple iCloud activation lock screen.
    bypass 8
  8. You can now set up and use your device.

2: 4MeKey

Why we like it: This tool works on a wide variety of Apple devices but is best used on iPhone and iPad. It is easy on the eye making it a treat to use. There is a trial version and a money-back guarantee so you can road test the software before paying for a license. Support is average, but online help articles are useful and comprehensive. The tool works equally well on a Mac or Windows PC.


4MeKey works using a similar technique to iBypasser – it jailbreaks your device in order to unlock it. It also has Windows and Mac versions that you download and install on your computer.

The user interface is just as nice as iBypasser and it is logically laid out and easy to use making 4MeKey a breeze to use.

4MeKey is a free download but you need to buy a license before you can use it properly. However, we make 4MeKey our second choice as it is more expensive than the other iCloud activation lock tool we recommend.

The activation bypass process is a simple 3 step process

  1. Connect your device to your computer
  2. Jailbreak your device
  3. Unlock the iCloud activation lock

However, what 4MeKey loses with the higher cost it makes up for with top-quality support.

Once you. bypass the lock on your device you are able to use most of the features. Some no longer work, such as iCloud and Find My, but you still have a usable product that is no longer activation locked.

iCloud removal using 4MeKey tool

  1. Download and install the software on your computer.
  2. Run the downloaded software and click Start to begin.
    4Mekey 1
  3. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.
    4Mekey 2
  4. The latest firmware for your device will be automatically downloaded to your computer.
    4Mekey 3
  5. Once downloaded you will then click Start Jailbreak to begin bypassing the lock.
    4Mekey 5
  6. Follow the onscreen steps to jailbreak your device and bypass the lock.
    4Mekey 6
  7. Once complete the iCloud activation lock will have been removed.

Free tools to bypass iCloud

Initially, I tried all of the free tools I could find. The only cost was time. To find out the results, see Free tools and techniques to unlock iCloud.

If you don’t want to pay I have another article that lists 5 things you should do to try to unlock iCloud Activation Lock for free. It includes common-sense things to try such as asking the original owner to turn off Find My iPhone. These are worth a try.

How we reviewed Activation Lock removal tools

As we researched the different Activation Lock removal methods available today, we focused on reliability, speed, and customer service above all else.

If you want your device unlocked, you’ll want an iCloud removal service that is reliable, trustworthy, and is able to do what they say. As such, we only rated providers that managed to unlock all the devices we asked them to unlock. If they failed, we did not consider them in our rankings.

When it comes to speed, we rated suppliers higher if they managed to complete the unlock in under a week. We also preferred any supplier that gave the option of a 24-hour turnaround. Sometimes you just want to get your device working fast and having a quick turnaround gives this option, even if it costs a little more.

Finally, we rated the best Activation Lock removal methods based on their customer services. We wanted a helpful customer support team that actually answered our concerns quickly. Many companies had great pre-sales support, but terrible support once you paid. We made sure we ranked companies that provided good quality support throughout the process.

Types of tools tested

iCloud activation lock bypass tools advertised online can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Software.
  • Services.
  • Online tools.
  • Downloadable manuals.
  • Hackers.

Within these categories some of the tools are free, and others you have to buy.

Many of these tools have very similar names and it is very easy to pick the wrong one. I advise you to use the links provided in this article to select my top solutions to avoid accidentally picking the wrong one.


Most software tools I tried were packed with hidden viruses or ransomware that attempted to infect and lock my computer. With a little help from my antivirus software, I was able to remove the threat and delete the software. Others made major changes to the operating system of my Apple device that could potentially destroy it and make it unusable.

These tools are not recommended and should be avoided at all costs as they are dangerous:

  • iCloud Unlock Buddy
  • iRemove Tools
  • AppleTech752
  • ITPC Expert
  • Remove iCloud lock
  • iCloud Unlock Deluxe
  • Official iCloud Unlocker

Instead, I recommend you use iBypasser and 4MeKey.


Many of the services I tried were scams. I had all sorts of issues trying to get money back from dodgy companies that were unable to bypass the activation lock and refused to give a refund.

Frustratingly, some companies that initially provided a good service became complacent and could no longer be recommended. The iCloud bypass service sector changes rapidly and I have to regularly switch suppliers to find the top performers.

In 2022, these service providers should be avoided:

  • Unlock Instantly
  • iPhone Approved Unlock
  • IMEI24
  • AppUnlock
  • iCloud Remover
  • CellUnlocker

Online tools

Not one of the online tools I tried was able to bypass the iCloud activation lock. None are recommended. Most seem to exist to force visitors to click ads in order to keep the unlock process running.

Some of the online tools that should be avoided include:

  • iCloud Unlock Bypass
  • Remove iCloud
  • How to iCloud Unlock
  • Server Apple
  • iCloud Unlock
  • iCloud Unlocker Online
  • iCloud Bypass


There are quite a number of hackers found online that claim to be able to bypass iCloud. All of the ones I spoke to wanted an upfront payment which had my alarm bells ringing. If I suggested payment after a successful unlock they disappeared.

As a result, I can’t recommend using a hacker, specifically avoid:

  • Apple Hacker Pro
  • Apple Watch iCloud lock removal Pro
  • Unlock Activation Lock Hack Pro
  • Remove iCloud Activation Lock Now!

Downloadable manuals

I also found some PDF manuals for sale which claimed to contain the secret of how to do an iCloud bypass. They didn’t.

As a result, I can’t recommend that you pay to download an iCloud activation lock PDF instruction manual as they don’t work.


Do iCloud removal tools work?

Some iCloud removal services do work, but many are scams so you need to be careful and use a trustworthy company. If you pick a random supplier then you are likely to be scammed. If you use one of my recommended services it is possible to bypass iCloud.

Which suppliers should I avoid?

I have an extensive list of unlockers you should avoid. This list was created by trying out all of the online tools & software I could track down to see if they worked.

I began by trying out all of the software, online tools, and services I could find listed in Google. I emailed the suppliers offering this type of service to find out more. If I heard nothing back then I regarded them as scams. If they can’t answer a pre-sales question they are unlikely to be responsive to any questions.

Is iCloud unlocking legal?

Unlocking your own device from iCloud is completely legal as long as you actually own it.

If a device is reported stolen and you find it and request an iCloud bypass then what you are doing is illegal because the device does not belong to you.

Also, if you purchase a used Apple device that the previous owner forgot to sign out of their iCloud account you are legally allowed to use an iCloud bypassing service. This is because you bought the item in good faith from the original owner. However, you do need to make some effort to find out if the item purchased is stolen goods. Most services do this type of check as part of the process.

Similarly, you may have bought the device from an auction run by carriers selling off upgraded inventory. Again, this is fine and indeed you can get used or refurbished iPhones from Apple themselves showing that reselling their devices is not illegal.

Wrap up

The iCloud activation lock is designed to prevent someone from stealing your iPhone and gaining access to the contents, wiping it, or selling it. It is a good idea as it reduces theft and protects your data. However, it can lead to innocent buyers purchasing activation locked phones through no fault of their own.

The way Apple has implemented this security system means you are stuck at the activation lock screen and can’t enable your device which seems harsh.

Affiliate statement

If you click a link to go through to a provider, we may get paid. This only happens if you buy a service. This is what funds us, and keeps us free to use. For a more detailed explanation see our affiliate disclosure.

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