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iPhone Pattern Unlock Guide

Pattern unlocking is popular on Android mobile phones, and many iPhone users would love to see it introduced by Apple.

This unlocking method is simple to use and easy to remember.

In this guide you will find out:

  • How to add pattern unlock to iPhone.
  • If you should use pattern lock on Apple devices.
  • If pattern lock is safe and secure.
  • The locking and unlocking methods that Apple offers.
iPhone Pattern Unlock


What is pattern lock?

Pattern lock is a method used to unlock a device so you can access its contents.

In order to access your iOS device, you draw a pattern on an on-screen grid of dots. If you get the pattern right, the iOS device unlocks.

This removes the need for a passcode screen and reduces the chances of getting the wrong passcode and locking yourself out.

According to Science Daily, Pattern Lock can be easily cracked within five attempts.

The popular Pattern Lock system used to secure millions of Android phones can be cracked within just five attempts — and more complicated patterns are the easiest to crack, security experts reveal.

Source: Dr Zheng Wang, LDr Zheng Wang, Lancaster University

They covertly recorded people unlocking their devices and used the footage to figure out the pattern used with a 95% success rate.

This shows that the pattern unlocking system is highly insecure.

This means you should avoid using this method to lock and unlock your iPhone, or any other device you own.

Standard iPhone lock screen options

Apple offers several security locks for the Apple iPhone:

Pattern unlock is not a standard option offered by Apple at this time.

How to add it to your device

Although pattern locking has not been included by Apple on the iPhone, you can still use it.


There isn’t an officially endorsed way to enable the pattern lock, so you need to jailbreak your iPhone to install this feature. Jailbreaking has its pros and cons so do your research before you decide to do this on your iPhone.

After jailbreaking, you can install unauthorized apps via the Cydia app such as enhanced security tools that use pattern unlocking.

To find out more, see Can you jailbreak an iCloud locked iPhone?

To install and configure a pattern lock on your own device:

  1. Jailbreak your iPhone.
  2. Install the Cydia app.
  3. Tap Cydia.
  4. In the search bar, type Andriod Lock.
  5. Download and install the Android Lock app.
  6. Tap Settings > Android Lock.
  7. Next, tap Change the pattern.
  8. Draw the pattern you want to use on the phone screen.
  9. To activate the pattern and secure your phone, tap OK.

If you have forgotten the password for your iOS devices, then find out How to unlock your iPhone without the passcode.


Why doesn't Apple offer pattern locking?

Apple does not offer pattern unlocking because it is highly insecure.

Instead, they offer an alternative security feature called Touch ID that is just as easy to use and is far more secure. According to Wikipedia, Touch ID has been in operation on iPhone since 2013 and has proved highly reliable and very secure.

The only way to use pattern unlocking is by jailbreaking your iOS device.

What should I do if I forgot my iPhone passcode?

If you forget your iPhone passcode you need to factory reset your device. A factory reset will remove the passcode and allow you to create a new one.

However, all of your data will be erased along with the passcode so you need to restore the information to your iPhone.

To find out more, see What to do when you forgot your iPhone passcode.

How can I unlock my iPhone without a computer?

It is possible to unlock your iPhone without using a computer by using the Find My app, or via the iCloud website.

You can do this by using a friend’s phone if you don’t have access to a computer. Or you can go into your nearest Apple Store and ask them to help.

For more information, see How to unlock iPhone passcode without computer.

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