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iMac support

Help for the following Apple laptops:

  • iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2020)
  • iMac Pro
  • iMac‌ (M1, 2021)
  • iMac (M3, 2023)


iMac (2023)

The iMac M3, arriving two years after its predecessor’s bold refresh, offers a minimalist upgrade focusing solely on a chip enhancement. Despite its modest evolution, the iMac M1’s excellence had set a high benchmark, which the M3 meets by boosting performance. The question of whether this incremental power uplift suffices in today’s fast-evolving tech landscape is intriguing.

Aesthetically, the iMac M3 mirrors its forerunner, blending vibrant hues with a slim silhouette. It retains the color choices that echo the playful spirit of the late ’90s iMacs while modernizing the design. Despite some discontent over unchanged colors, their appeal in breaking the monotony of traditional computer designs cannot be understated. However, a fixed height may not suit everyone, suggesting a one-size-fits-all approach might have its drawbacks.

The display and audio system, key aspects of the user experience, remain unchanged, featuring a 23.5-inch 4.5K screen that dazzles with its color fidelity and brightness. Although the audiovisuals impress, the static nature of these features might leave users craving innovation.

Under the hood, the M3 chip promises significant performance gains, particularly for general and creative tasks. This leap in efficiency is notable, albeit with reservations about the base model’s 8GB RAM, which may limit future-proofing and multitasking capabilities. Gaming on the iMac M3 shows improvements, but it’s clear that Apple hasn’t positioned it as a gaming powerhouse.

Connectivity options and accessories present a mixed bag. The exclusion of certain ports and Touch ID on entry-level models feels like a missed opportunity for a seamless user experience. The continued reliance on Lightning connectors for accessories also feels dated.

In essence, the iMac M3 excels in design, performance, and ease of use, maintaining its position as a top all-in-one choice. However, its conservative upgrades and the premium for full functionality might lead prospective buyers to evaluate the value proposition closely, especially when compared to alternatives like the Mac Mini M2. Despite its shortcomings, the iMac M3’s blend of style, power, and a superior screen and sound system make it a compelling, albeit familiar, package for most users.

iMac 2023

Specifications of iMac

Dimensions (H x W x D)461 x 547 x 147 mm
Weight4.48 kg
Water resistanceNo
Type24-inch 4.5K Retina display
Resolution4480-by-2520 resolution at 218 pixels per inch with support for 1 billion colors
Front1080p FaceTime HD camera
ChipsetApple M3
CPU8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores
GPU10-core GPU
Storage256 GB / 512 GB / 1 TB / 2TB
RAM8 GB / 16 GB / 24 GB
Face IDNo
Iris scannerNo
Touch IDYes
To find out more, see iMac specs.
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