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iPod Touch iCloud Activation Lock bypass guide

The iPod Touch, which can be used as a music player, a handheld gaming device, a digital camera, a web browser, and for messaging was introduced by Apple in 2007 with a security feature called iCloud Activation Lock. The lock is controlled by the Find My app.

This in-depth guide will explain the latest ways to bypass Activation Lock, also known as iCloud lock, on all generations of iPod Touch devices.

By following the advice given here, you should be able to bypass:

  • A used iPod.
  • An iPod you’ve owned from new.
  • Using free techniques.
  • Online.
  • With tools.

The methods described in this article will also let you get rid of the iCloud lock on someone else iPod.

This guide only takes a few minutes to read, yet provides the latest methods to get your iPod unlocked – even if you don’t know the Apple ID, iCloud password, or the previous owner.

iPod Touch Activation Lock Bypass
Above iPod Touch 7th Generation


First, some background.

The iPod Touch 5th generation released in 2015 was the first that could use Find My, and Activation Lock. Although it was preinstalled with iOS 6, it could be upgraded to iOS 9. With an upgraded iOS, security features that could be implimented on iPod Touch included the passcode and Find My. 

The device was discontinued in 2022 when Apple announced it was stopping production of the 7th generation iPod Touch. Although very similar to iPhone, there are many differences that make the iPod Touch unique such as the fact it only connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi, so it is not a smartphone. This is why we wrote this dedicated guide for iCloud unlocking iPod.

Find My, formerly known as Find My iPhone, is a free app that helps find lost or stolen Apple devices. It also protects the iPod from theft by allowing remote locking and remote data removal.

When you switch on Find My, Activation Lock is automatically enabled too. This means the iOS device will be iCloud locked if lost or stolen.

So in summary, Activation Lock on iPods prevents anyone from resetting and using your music player without your permission. So if you lose your device, it will be difficult for anyone to use it because they need to know your Apple ID and password to unlock it.

To find out more about how the iCloud lock works, see Activation Lock on iPod Touch.

How to remove Activation Lock on iPod

An iCloud bypass is used to unlock an iPod from its linked Apple ID. It is easy to bypass iCloud lock on an iPod by following the simple instructions written in this guide.


The bypass techniques given are specific to the following iPod models:

  • iPod Touch (5th generation)
  • iPod Touch (6th generation)
  • iPod Touch (7th generation)

Earlier versions of the iPod Touch can’t use Find My and therefore can’t be Activation Locked.

Bypass the iCloud Lock screen on an iPod

The latest iPod Touch is a well regarded device, but no matter how good it is you can still be locked out if you have forgotten your Apple ID or password. If are unable to remember the answer to your security question to recover your Apple account, then you will need to bypass the Activation Lock screen.

There are many ways that you can bypass the Activation Lock on your iPod. One method is to use a third-party unlocking tool. Another is to go online and try a service, such AppleiPhoneUnlock.

These methods allow you to bypass the iCloud Lock screen, erase your phone, reset the passcode, and set it up from scratch.

On a second-hand device

If you bought or were given a locked iPhd, then you need to talk to the previous owner and ask them to remove the iCloud Activation Lock so you can use it properly.

It can be unlocked in person, or remotely.

If they have forgotten to unlock the device before selling it to you, this request shouldn’t cause a problem. It would only be an issue if they have sold you stolen goods, and don’t know the Apple account details to unlock it.

Assuming the device is not stolen, you don’t need to worry about returning the locked device to them for unlocking. The Apple ID can be removed remotely without them physcically having access to the iPod.

To switch off Activation Lock on a used iPod Touch do the following:

  1. Go to: appleid.apple.com
  2. When prompted, Sign in.
    apple ID signin
    Apple account website
  3. On the menu on the left, select Devices.
    apple ID devices
    Device list page
  4. Next, select the iPod Touch to bypass from the right.
  5. To complete the bypass, click the Remove from account button.
    apple ID remove from account
    Removing the iPhone 12 from your iCloud account

On a device you bought new

If the iCloud Activation Lock prevents you from using your own iPod, the official Apple fix is to unlock it using your Apple ID and password. This turns off Find My.

If you can’t remember your Apple ID or password, you can use the iForgot website to reset it.  You will be able to recover your account by following the on-screen instructions.

If you can’t even remember your Apple ID, you can find it in the following ways:

  • On a different Apple device, go to iCloud or Media and purchases.
  • On a Mac look at System preferences. > Apple ID.
  • On Apple TV, pick Settings > Apple ID
  • On the Apple ID recovery page, click If you have forgotten your Apple ID, you can look it up.

To find out more, see How to reset an Apple ID password.

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Remove Activation Lock on iPod without previous owner

If you can’t get hold of the previous owner, or they are unable to unlock the iPod you can bypass the Activation Lock yourself using an activation lock bypass tool or service. But you need to be careful and use a reputable company to avoid being scammed.

There are many websites that claim to be able to help you bypass Activation Lock. Yet, my testing has shown that most online iCloud unlocking solutions are scams. They simply don’t work.

Scams to be wary of:

  • Fake software tools.
  • Hackers that claim to be able to remove the lock.
  • Online software tools and websites that claim to ‘interface‘ with Apple.
  • PDF downloads with unlocking instructions.

To find out more, see unlock iPhone iCloud lock.

iPod iCloud unlock prices

Prices range from $10 USD to $50 USD to unlock iCloud on an iPod Touch.

One thing we noticed when we investigated unlocking was the tendency for suppliers to break their fees into 2 parts:

  • An up-front deposit.
  • A final payment.

It is in the supplier’s interest to look inexpensive, so they tend to keep the deposit low. However, they increase the price by charging a much larger final fee which brings the overall cost up.

IMEInow website

Pros and cons of paying for an iCloud unlock


  • Once completed, you can use your device normally.
  • All functions and features work.
  • The fix is permanent – you only ever need to do it once.
  • It’s easy – no special technical skills are required.


    • There are loads of scammers.
    • It is not free.
    • It can take a few days to complete.

iPod Activation Lock removal for free

Bypassing the Activation Lock on iPod for free is possible if you know the Apple ID and password to allow you to turn off Find My.

If you don’t know the Apple credentials of the previous owner, then the best free method is to use a DNS bypass:

  1. Turn on your iPod Touch.
  2. Go through the setup process until you see the Choose WiFi Network screen.
  3. Click the small i next to your WiFi network.
  4. Tap Configure DNS, then, tap Manual.
  5. Next, tap Add Server and type in the IP address that is nearest to you from the list below:
    • USA:
    • South America:
    • Europe:
    • Asia:
    • Australia and Oceania:
    • Other continents:
  6. At the top of the screen, tap Back.
  7. Tap your Wi-Fi network.
  8. Enter your Wi-Fi password and click Join.
  9. Your iPod will try to go to a new screen. Don’t let it. Instead, hit the Back button repeatedly to return to the WiFi page.
  10. You will be logged in to the DNS server and you will see the iCloud bypass screen with iCloudDNSBypass.net written at the top.

There are also a number of tools, services, and websites that claim to be able to remove Activation Lock for free. To find out about them, see Free iCloud bypass tools.

Remove Activation Lock online

In a recent review, I tested a range of tools to find the best online iCloud bypass service that can remove the Activation Lock. I concluded the best service was provided by AppleiPhoneUnlock.

At the time of writing, the unlock fee was £29.00 GBP, which is around $35 USD.

To find out more about using an online service, see get rid of iCloud Activation Lock.

To unlock your iPod using an online service:

  1. Go to this guide: Activation Lock removal service, scroll down then click the red Go to AppleiPhoneUnlock button.
  2. On the AppleiPhoneUnlock website, provide your iPod’s serial number.
    AppleiPhoneUnlock website
  3. After your iPhone’s details have been checked and verified, you can click Unlock iCloud!
  4. To proceed, agree to the terms and conditions.
    AppleiPhoneUnlock order
  5. Select your preferred payment method, then pay the fee.
  6. After 24-hours or so you will get an email confirming the unlock has been completed

How to unlock an iPod without the Apple ID or password

Activation Lock is a security feature used in many Apple products, including the iPod. When you activate your iPod Touch it is added to your Apple account preventing any other Apple ID from activating the same device.

This means your iPod cannot be wiped, reset, and reactivated without your permission.

Activation Lock is part of Find My, the security app for Apple devices.

Find My is a free service that helps you find your lost or stolen iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. It uses GPS and Wi-Fi to show the location of your device on a map. You can also remotely lock your device so someone can’t use it and erase all the data on it.

To find out more, see Unlock Activation Lock without Apple ID.

Activation Lock bypass code for iPod

Apple tries to make it easy for businesses and schools to manage their stock of Apple products, such as iPods. They include a management suite that allows the organization to remotely control the devices given to their students or employees.

If you have a managed iPad Pro for example, then it can be controlled by the organization that gave it to you. Among other things, this allows organizations to remove the Activation Lock from supervised devices prior to device activation without knowing the userʼs personal Apple ID and password.

This is done by using an Activation Lock bypass code.

The bypass code does not work for all Apple devices, only for those controlled by an organization like a business or school. So if you have a standard iPod you use at home, then you won’t be able to get rid of the Activation Lock using a bypass code as it is not a supervised device.

Getting rid of Activation Lock on other Apple products

If you want to bypass iCloud on other products see:

If you want to switch off the lock and know the Apple ID, then see How to disable the Activation Lock.

Wrap up

There is a great deal of demand to bypass the iCloud lock on Apple products. As a result, many scammers have appeared ready claiming to have the answer. For the most part, these solutions don’t work and are designed to rip people off.

If you want to do things properly, only use the official methods to get rid of iCloud Activation Lock. This means turning off Find My on the iPod, or via the Apple account on the web. 

If you can’t use the official Apple method, then be careful and use one of the recommended suppliers in this guide.

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