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How Often Does Apple Release a New iPhone?

Over the last couple of years, Apple has begun releasing a new model of iPhone every 6 months.

However, Apple doesn’t release the full range of iPhone models they make every 6 months. Instead, they split the range in two releasing some models in March, and others in September.

The entry-level device, known as the iPhone SE, was released in March 2021 and March 2022. So there is a yearly release cycle for this base-level iPhone.

Meanwhile, the other iPhone series, including the flagship variants, are normally released in September. For example, the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max were available for pre-order on September 17, 2021. So these models are also released yearly.

The March release date is a new thing for Apple. Before 2021 all new iPhones were available for order once per year, normally in September.

After the iPhone SE 2022 release, consumers are now asking themselves when the upcoming iPhone 14 is due out…

How Often Does Apple Release a New iPhone


iPhone models launch dates

Since 2020, Apple has released four new iPhones annually. Speculation tends to revolve around the 3 flagship handsets released in the fall. Although there is interest in the yearly March release of the SE model.

There are some dates you should mark in your diary if you’d like to get your hands on the latest flagship Apple phones:

  • Apple Events for special announcements (normally held in late summer).
  • Apple iPhone pre-orders typically available a day or 2 after the announcement.
  • Apple iPhone release is usually a couple of weeks after pre-orders open.

Normally, the new models of smartphones are announced by Apple during a special event in September. This is when the specification, cost, and date of release are typically given.

After the Apple event pre-orders open within a couple of days. New models are shipped in 7-14 days.

iPhone SE release dates

iPhone SE release schedule

For almost a decade, Apple has released the latest iPhone handset in the fall, usually in September. The most notable exception was the iPhone X in 2017, which suffered from production issues delaying the release to November of the same year.


This late release was repeated in 2020 when the iPhone 12 came out. This time the cause was production issues related to the global pandemic.

However, in 2016 Apple toyed with the idea of a twice-yearly release cycle when an updated SE model was released in April.

After a 3 year break, a spring release for the SE model returned in 2020 and 2021.

This suggests Apple will continue with a twice-yearly release schedule for the foreseeable future.

When does the new iPhone come out?

There isn’t an official date each year that the new iPhone is released.

It would be difficult for Apple to guarantee a specific date as there are so many variables when developing new technology.

Missing the deadline would cause all sorts of issues, so Apple allows themselves some leeway. This came in handy during the iPhone X release when an issue in getting Face ID working caused a delay of a month or 2.

Having said that it is most likely that new iPhone models will be released in September and March each year.

The September or October release is based on the following flagship releases:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: September 2021
  • iPhone 13 Pro: September 2021
  • iPhone 13: September 2021
  • iPhone 13 Mini: September 2021
  • iPhone 12 Pro: October 2020
  • iPhone 12: October 2020
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: November 2020
  • iPhone 12 Mini: November 2020
  • iPhone 11 Series: September 2019
  • iPhone XS and XS Max:  September 2018
  • iPhone XR:  October 2018
  • iPhone 8: September 2017
  • iPhone X: November 2017
  • iPhone 7: September 2016
  • iPhone 6S: September 2015
  • iPhone 6: September 2014
  • iPhone 5S iPhone 5C: September 2013
  • iPhone 5: September 2012
  • iPhone 4S: October 2011

The March release date is based on the following product launches:

  • iPhone SE 3: March 2022
  • iPhone SE 2: April 2020
  • iPhone SE: March 2016

Initially, iPhone was released during the summer, but this was moved to a fall slot in 2011. It has remained there since. This means it is likely that all future flagship releases will be at this time of year.

What appeared to be a one-off release of the SE series in spring 2016, seems to have become a regular occurrence in recent years. Based on this, it is likely that Apple will continue this release cycle while it still produces this model.

iPhone 14 launch date

iPhone 14 launch date

If the past is anything to go by, then the iPhone 14 series will be released in September 2022.

As regards the features, specification, and price it is all just speculation at this point. However, according to a prominent Apple leaker, it appears that Apple will have 4 models:

  • iPhone 14: $799 USD
  • iPhone 14 Max: $899 USD
  • iPhone 14 Pro: $1099 USD
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: $1199 USD

If the rumors are true, then the iPhone 14 Max is a new model in the range.

Best time to upgrade an iPhone

One important thing to consider is when is the best time to upgrade to the latest iOS device. Should you wait, or upgrade right away?

We would recommend that if you are less than 6 months away from a new release. Instead, you should wait and upgrade to the new model when it comes out. This gives you the most out of your new phone.

  • So if you use the iPhone SE, don’t upgrade after October.
  • If you are thinking of upgrading to any other iPhone model, don’t do it after April.

Following this simple rule of thumb will ensure you have the latest and greatest handset possible.

If you get the timing wrong, you may end up with an out-of-date model in a matter of months.

If you do plan to sell your old iPhone, make sure you turn off Find My and erase and reset your device.

To find out more see, What to do before selling your iPhone.

Discounts on older models

If you are not bothered about getting the latest handset, then knowing the release date of new iPhone model is still important.


Well, normally the previous iPhones are retained and sold at a discount. This means you can get last years top of the range model for a much lower price.

On average, we found that the price can drop by $100 USD, or more. This is quite a cost-saving.

So if you are looking to save some money, but still want a new phone, then waiting for the release of the new handsets is a good idea. Often, many of the changes are small and unless you are on the cutting edge you are unlikely to need or want them.

A survey finds 1 in 4 Americans plan to buy a new iPhone

Back in 2020, WhiteOut investigate what the American public thought about the upcoming release of the iPhone 12 so they ran a poll.

Even though respondents knew nothing about the iPhone 12 when asked, the results are interesting. It gives an insight into the brand loyalty Apple enjoys and how much customers are willing to pay for a new phone.

One interesting insight according to WhitleOut was that 1 in 4 Americans planned to buy the iPhone 12 on release when surveyed. And 44% of them would be willing to pay $800 USD for one.

iPhone release dates data

Find out more iPhone facts and statistics.

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