The Best New iPhone X Features

The iPhone X was arguably one of the most hyped and anticipated smartphones of all time before its release in 2018.

iphone x

The iPhone X

The sleek, elegant design of the iPhone X set it apart from its predecessors, allowing it to replace the aging designs of old and become the standard smartphone for professionals, business people, and the masses.

However, what were the new iPhone X features, and how did they compare to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8?

While there are many similarities between the iPhone X and its predecessors, there are also many differences that set it apart.

Let’s look at the new features and compare them to the devices that came before.

Face ID

One of the most heralded features of the iPhone X came in its face recognition capabilities. No matter where you go, you were able to sign in without ever touching your mobile device. No more having to punch in a code or sign in using a pen. Instead, with facial recognition, you simply looked into the phone and the device recognized you. While the process wasn’t perfect, it was a great step in making it easier for you to sign in and navigate through menus on the phone.

Thanks to improvements to the A11 chip inside the iPhone X, this process took even less time allowing you to immediately login without even having to touch the screen. While the facial recognition technology itself wasn’t new, the application within a smartphone was.

Portrait mode selfies

The iPhone X offered better portrait lighting options on both front and rear cameras to make your selfies pop. The background of your selfie was softened and blurred to give real depth to your pictures.

A11 Bionic Chip

The A11 Bionic chip inside the iPhone X was been redesigned to work better with the mobile phone’s lightning-fast connectivity. It supported a wider range of data protocols including HSDPA, EDGE and 3G. This meant that you no longer needed to worry about whether or not you’d be able to connect to a certain network when abroad. Instead, you could easily use any SIM card in any foreign country and make calls without having to use GSM or CDMA phones.

Gesture Control

Many users came to appreciate the convenience of Apple’s fingerprint technology. From unlocking your phone to taking notes, everything with an Apple has been made easier thanks to the company’s efforts. The iPhone X’s facial recognition allowed you to easily swipe your finger up the home screen to start off your day.

Unknown Error Killer

Another major feature that hit the iPhone was the so-called “Unknown Error Killer.” This was a software program designed by Apple to scan through your phone and fix a wide variety of problems, most of which can be associated with the way that iPhones handle their passwords. By installing the program, you would be able to fix any number of errors that are showing on your phone.

Care Plan App

An incredibly useful feature that Apple integrated into the iPhone X was the Care Plan app. This allowed you to see your remaining warranty time, how much data you have left from using the cellular phone and any other information that you needed to know about your iPhone’s care. From there, you can plan out an ideal plan for yourself or find out exactly what you need in terms of coverage. You can even connect your iPhone to a global positioning system to help you figure out where you are located.

Unlock iPhone X from any network

Follow my tutorial to perform an iPhone X unlock so you can use it on another cellular network. It will work easily as long as you follow the steps properly.


As you can see from the aforementioned features list, there are many ways that the iPhone X could help you get the best out of your phone. However, all of these great things came at an eye watering price of $999. That was $300 more than the iPhone 8.

The cheapest iPhone to date was the iPhone 4S. At nearly half the price of its successor the iPhone 6s, this was an incredible device for the consumer.

If you wanted to get all of these great benefits and were willing to pay the higher price, the iPhone X was for you.